Rachel & Cody's Engagement Session

When I sat down with Rachel for her consultation, it was beyond obvious how happy she is in her engagement with Cody.  She was beaming ear to ear when going over wedding details and did not spare a detail when I asked how they met, yet it was so captivating!  


These two met in one of the best ways: by a Momma's recommendation!  If you can get past the future mother in law before you even meet the boyfriend, you must be doing something right!  Rachel's radiant personality would easily be the explanation for this.  And I don't think it took Cody long after meeting Rachel to find out she was the girl for him.   


During Cody & Rachel's engagement session, the two gave me a quick run through on some of their best date nights-including the classic "Netflix & Chill" (hot pockets included!).  One of the best stories from the evening was Cody explaining his "aha" moment.  Rachel & Cody had gone out on a couple of dates already.  Getting more comfortable with each other, she decided to swing by the grocery store and pick up one of those BIG bags of dog food for her pup.  The break your back kind of bags.  Cody offered to tote it for her, but Rachel pretty much said "I got this", threw it over her shoulder, and walked right to check out.  I believe his exact words to me were, "That's when I knew she was the one!".  


The vibes between these two throughout their whole session were just so powerful, yet easy.  And even when Rachel walked away for a minute, Cody had nothing to say but good things about her and how lucky he was to be marrying this woman.  In today's time, it seems all to easy to talk down on the people you are closest to, but this couple is the exception.  Symbolic of her Rachel's parents relationship while they were dating, we took a few photos in front of her father's old truck which with he courted Rachel's mom..  Such a perfect way to wrap up our farm shoot.  


Finishing our session at the fire department, Rachel rocked a fire engine red and a beautiful smile while Cody enjoyed his element.  I'm beyond blessed to work with this special couple through such an amazing time in their lives.  One of my favorite sessions to date.