Sophia & Rehman's Nikkah


I had the absolute honor of photographing my first Nikkah this January.  For those of you who don't know what that means, it is an Islamic wedding, full of family & friends, yummy food, and deep love.


Sophia & Rehman have a beautiful love that was encapsulated through their Nikkah on January 27th.  This was a small version of what is to come as far as their wedding celebrations, but it was an evening packed with so much faith.

Sophia has had a rough few months with a loss in her immediate family and other family health issues.  For that very reason, this day held that much more meaning.


This evening was nothing short of a fairy tale wedding, dressed with a beautiful stage, luminous lighting, and gorgeous attire.  And you can't forget the henna!  The time and detail put into Sophia's henna work was absolutely amazing!   I could not imagine that job, but it shows how truly patient some people are to create something so beautiful. 


Sophia's hair & makeup were both done by Sanam Mahtani, a woman who has been in her life for years.  This was such intricate, well thought work.


Now, let's not forget the food!  The Pakistani food ensemble was absolutely delicious.  I've never had the opportunity to try it  before, but I am so glad I did.  It is so awesome to venture out into new culture and try new things in this life.  And the traditional yet original cake from Maxie B's of Greensboro was a showstopper! 


Most everyone's favorite part of a wedding- besides the major "I Do" & ring exchange- is the dancing!  This crew knew how to start a party!  A great selection of Middle-Eastern music kept the crowd up and moving.  It made it hard for me to leave such a fun time!


I am so honored to have been a part of such a special day in the life of Sophia & Rehman.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the newly married couple and to be by their side to capture the moments.