Hinnant Farms Vineyard & Winery April Wedding

April 28th, 2018: a beautifully warm North Carolina day for a wedding.  The sun shining, a mild breeze blowing, & the vines green.  It was finally Leigha & Steve's wedding day!  But the story leading up to the big day made it all the better.


Leigha had joined an online dating website, but had not had any luck finding her prince charming.  She decided she was going to cancel her membership, but she was then offered one free month before cancelling.  Luckily, she went with it.

In that free month, Steve (who also had a membership) did find his princess.  Steve reached out to Leigha, and they did decide to meet in person at a point later down the line.  While on a lunch break from nursing school, Leigha headed to Ted's Charcoal Grill in Clinton, where Steve was ready to meet her for their first "date".  They instantly hit it off.  


Steve learned about Leigha's beautiful daughter named Olivia, and he gladly took her in as his own, teaching her all about cars & their mechanics (which she loves!).  


The day arrived when Steve was ready to propose.  Olivia, Leigha, and her parents went to eat with Steve back at Ted's Charcoal Grill, where they first met.  Right there at the table, Steve turned to Leigha and proposed, where of course she said yes!

This all leads us up to the big day at Hinnant Farms Vineyard & Winery.  This North Carolina vineyard is nothing short of perfect for a wedding.  Leigha & Steve's wedding fit right in to this location in Pine Level, NC.  


There was not one person at the wedding that did not have a smile & a hug to give out to such a sweet couple.  Leigha made a glowing bride, and Steve was a dapper groom.  The suspenders and bowties with striped socks for the guys went perfect with the girls turquoise dresses and updos.

 It is always so wonderful when you just know a couple who is getting married is truly in love and marrying for the right reasons.  We are so glad to have been part of such a spectacular day for Leigha & Steve.  Congratulations!