Bridal Portraits: Reasons Every Bride Must


This stunning piece of artwork will hang in the bride's parents' home for a lifetime.  The groom will wake up every morning, see that face, and be reminded of the beautiful love he committed to on the day he said "I do".  It is more than a portrait.  It is the beginning of an heirloom.



Your wedding day is fully dedicated to family, friends, and the celebration of your new life- two becoming one.  You will be fully engaged and involved in all the hype and rush that comes along with being the bride.  It makes it hard to concentrate solely on yourself.



A Bridal Portrait Session is a day prior to the wedding all about you and no one else.  No rush, no last minute fixes, no wedding attendees trying to sneak in a pre ceremony visit.  Just solely about you and your desires.  The hair, the makeup, the dress, the bouquet.  The whole morning or afternoon is dedicated to helping you feel your absolute best in your role as a bride.




Most brides do not spend the day on the couch wearing their wedding dress and watching movies like Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe on Friends.  The dress finds you in the boutique and takes your breath away.  Your dress goes through alterations and is tailored to fit you perfectly.  After that, the next time the dress is on would be wedding day.  There is no way to truly get comfortable in your dress, know how it moves with you, and to test the flexibility of it without wearing it for a good bit of time.  This is where bridal portraits step in to save the day!  You will be in the dress a good 1-2 hours, walking, sitting, & posing in all types of positions to give the dress the true test.  This makes wedding day not such a surprise!


The time dedicated to bridal portraits allows for all the details to be captured.  The lace in the dress, the jewels in the veil, the pops of color in the bouquet that make it stunning.  These are all things that time is not allotted for on wedding day.  Speaking from my own personal experience, I wish I would have had a bridal portrait session before my wedding day to capture all of this.  These details are not present in my wedding day collection due to the brief period of time we had to snap a few photographs of me by myself before guests began to arrive.  And these little details can all be added in to your wedding album or even a stunning bridal portrait album.


And we cannot forget the portrait.  The portrait is a staple at every traditional wedding reception.  The bride has made her appearance at the ceremony for all the guests and the groom's surprise.  But as the guests all head to the reception, they cannot wait to see you again and how beautiful you are.  You are the star of the room.  While they are waiting on you and your bridal party to finish up quick end of ceremony photographs, they will be walking around your reception hall or barn or wherever it may be, mingling.  Give them the chance to study your amazing dress by having a bridal portrait- or two- to view at the reception.  Guests truly love to be awe struck by your portrait and get another good look at you to hold them over until you arrive!


The portrait is also a beautiful heirloom for your family. Most parents of the bride will purchase a portrait for the reception and then display it in their homes forever.  My grandparents have all three of their daughter's bridal portraits in their dining room.  Bridal portraits are timeless.  Most brides will have a portrait printed and framed for their home, as well.  It is a beautiful reminder of the day you and your groom publically committed to your never ending love.  

Bridal portraits are passed on for generations. Those 1-2 hours of photographing and creating beautiful portraits will become something that lasts a lifetime.  It tells a tale that your children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren will be delighted to hear.