Let Me See Your Beautiful

This blog post is going to be a little different.  Actually, a lot different..

Instead of me telling you guys about something in my life, I am going to ask you to participate!

I love to hear from every one of ya'll about your family & your adventures.  It actually builds on our relationship as client & photographer when I know a little more about you.  It makes our sessions easier, more relaxed, and more natural.  This is why I love to meet with all my clients prior to their first session with me.  Just to break the ice!

So, my challenge is this: 

Visit my Facebook page, "Caitlin Gregory Photography", and leave a picture with a small post on something fun you've done with your family this January!  Or leave a comment right here on the blog if you don't have Facebook =) !

I cannot wait for the responses on this post- so exciting!!!