Is That Your Final Answer?

The moment arrives.  It is time to make a huge decision that can change your business as you know it.   For the good.  For the bad.  It is inevitable to avoid one of the two.

You start to second guess yourself.  Maybe you should use a lifeline, like Regis offered on "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire".  Let's phone a friend.  ...A?  She chooses A?  Not being totally satisfied with her answer, let's ask the audience.  That's a broader group with a wider range of perspective.  Their answer isn't exactly what you wanted their answer to be.  Majority chose C, and the other 40% chose B.  B has has been your choice since the moment you saw it on the answer board.  You feel stuck and lost!  Do you go with the majority's choice?  Or do you go with that inkling in your gut telling you to choose that slightly less popular answer B?  

I say choose B.  Dare to go against the grain.  Choose what feels right to you.  And this piece of advice carries into each part of your life.  From a young school age child feeling the pressure at school to wear their clothes a certain way to an adult making decisions on watermarks for your company, only you know you best.  Do what makes you feel confident, strong, and happy.

I appreciate the outpouring of thoughts, opinions, and advice on my new watermark for Caitlin Gregory Photography.  The amount of Facebook comments honestly was way more than I thought I was going to receive.  To hear back from so many people and get a wide range of perspective truly made my heart warm and fuzzy!  It was just a verification that people do care about other people in today's society!  To receive such a positive outreach on my new logo before I even picked it, now that's reassurance at it's finest.  

I realize that some people picked 'bottom right' for the new logo, classy and beautiful.  But we all have our own sense of style and instant visual gratification.  To me, the logo on 'top' is what grabbed me, pulled me in, and said PICK ME from the the first time I laid eyes on it.  I had to make the executive decision for my business on which logo made me smile when I looked and saw it on my website.  Which logo made me feel confident in my published photos.  Which logo made me glow with pride.  And that, my friends, would be the top.  Modern and sleek in design.

Final Answer, Regis.